Thursday, October 3, 2013

GTA V Orbits The Sun Every 12 Days — Can Such A Planet Exist?


You’ve probably noticed, if you’ve played Grand Theft Auto V, that the persistent virtual day–night cycle is just a little faster than our own. One hour in GTA V time is two minutes in real life. One year in GTA V is 17,520 minutes, or 292 hours, or a little over 12 days. That has some basic implications, like, say, if you take 35 hours or so to beat the game, you’ve played about a month and a half of “GTA time.” A 25-year-old man like Franklin, with a life expectancy of 79 years, would have approximately 648 real-world days to live, or less than two real-world years. Nico Bellic, it goes without saying, is long dead.

More broadly, that means that the planet on which GTA V takes place orbits the sun — or some star — every 12 days. That’s more than seven times faster than the closest planet to the sun, Mercury, which circles the sun every 88 days.

This got us to wondering: Where, exactly, would this mystery planet that orbits the sun be? What would it look like? Could planet GTA actually exist?
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