Thursday, October 3, 2013

The secret to Scientology's recruitment on Craigslist

Church of Scientology Denver - The Chapel  | Flickr - Photo Sharing! 

People wash up at Craigslist looking for all kinds of stuff: jobs, apartments, sex, love. But all anyone visiting the website really needs, as far as a few ardent believers are concerned, is to join the Church of Scientology.

A Scientology recruiter, in fact, had such such success drawing new members to his mission through Craigslist—enough to annoy Anonymous, as it turns out—that he or she drew up a handy memo about best practices when it comes to “Cyber Dissemination Club.” (“‘Cyber’ means ‘using computers’ in this context,” the author helpfully informs us.)

The document, titled “Craigslist Hat Write-up”—“hat” being Scientology slang for a specific job within the organization, or as in this case, the instructions particular to a given church task—walks a newcomer through Craigslist’s mechanics and then demonstrates how nearly any subsection, from “groups” and “classes” to “politics” and “household services,” can serve as a launching point for the Scientology pitch. There are some tips for properly saturating the site without getting flagged, too.
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