Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What did Gary McKinnon find?

While many are aware of the protracted legal battle over his extradition, scant attention has been paid to what Gary McKinnon claimed to have found on the US government computers he hacked into.


Scottish computer hacker Gary McKinnon is accused of gaining access to nearly a hundred US military and NASA computers and computer systems between 2001 and 2002. With a ten-year legal fight against extradition, protest songs and numerous think pieces published on the subject, it’s easy to forget perhaps the most important part of his story: what he was trying to find.

McKinnon has repeatedly claimed to have been looking for evidence of UFOs and “free energy”, a mythical, inexhaustible source of power, on the military computers. According to McKinnon, did in fact locate that evidence.

Here’s what McKinnon claims he stole from the machines he hacked in to.

A photograph of a ‘UFO’

The most explosive claim McKinnon made was that he remotely accessed a terminal in Johnson Space Center’s Building 8. Stored inside one folder were several giant photographs taken by satellites of “cigar-shaped” crafts. Inside another folder was a collection of the same photographs, but processed and modified to remove the strange objects. McKinnon claims that his slow dial-up connection was unable to download any of the 200-300 MB images. However, he claims that he was able to view one of the unaltered photographs on his computer screen.
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