Monday, October 28, 2013

What it would be like if this quarter-mile-wide asteroid hit the Earth in 2032 (and you survived it)

2013 TV135 is coming a bit close for comfort.NASA
Earlier this month, Ukrainian astronomers made a pretty big discovery: a quarter-mile-wide asteroid, to be exact.

From their initial calculations, the astronomers learned that a relatively large, never-seen-before asteroid—named 2013 TV135—had just buzzed safely past Earth but would make an extremely close call on August 26, 2032.

That was enough to instantly move the newly discovered asteroid to the top of NASA’s Near Earth Asteroid watch list, where it remains today.

Coming fresh on the heels of last year’s zero-warning explosion of a much smaller space rock over Russia, which caused over 1,000 injuries and a spectacular light show, the new discovery got the attention of the Russian deputy prime minister in charge of their space program, who quoted the headline of a major Russian news channel:
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