Tuesday, November 5, 2013

These Are Some of the Most Amazing Views of Earth You’ll Ever See

Sundurbans, West Bengal/Bangladesh, India: The mangroves of the Sundurbans in the Gulf of Bengal cover about 3,860 square miles (10,000 sq km) of land. The largest of this type in the world, they also shelter a rich biodiversity: smooth-coated otters, 260 bird species, sika deer, wild boars, sand fiddler crabs... Some endangered species live here, too, including the estuarine crocodile, the Indian python and the Bengal tiger. 

Image: © NASA/GSFC/USGS EROS Data Center

I have looked at a lot of different views of Earth from space — taken by astronauts, satellites and other spacecraft — so I was not expecting to be all that impressed by the images collected into a new book called Earth from Space. But I was very wrong.

There are a few of the familiar shots that even many people who aren’t obsessed with this kind of imagery may recognize, like deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon, the wild growth of urban Las Vegas and the creeping shrink of glaciers. But there are so many more of places I had never seen: mangroves in the Gulf of Bengal, pre-and-post disaster Chernobyl, shrimp farms in Vietnam, an extinct volcano in Algeria, and lots more. The book has 150 images, and it was really hard to choose just 12 to show you (the publisher Abrams was very generous and let me choose the images, but wisely drew the line when I told them I had 40 favorites).

For the rest of the story: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2013/11/earth-from-space-book/

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