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David Paulides | Strange Disappearances in National Parks

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S y n o p s i s 

David Paulides’ meticulous research into the thousands of mysterious disappearances in U.S. national parks should be an object lesson on how the paranormal should be investigated. Paulides does what most paranormal researchers fail to do: First, he examines a phenomenon that is truly unique, without defaulting to the unofficial canon of New Age explanations for such, and second, his research is so thorough, objective, and vetted that it cannot be debunked. Many paranormal researchers try to explain one unknown with another unknown. Paulides does not do this. Others have speculated that the disappearances were caused by Bigfoot, or "aliens." Paulides refuses to go there. He seems to intuitively understand that when we are confronted by a mystery that has no logical, physical explanation, a phenomenon that seemingly originates outside of our known reality, one that defies physical laws, then any attempt to define or understand it will fail--we simply lack the conceptual vocabulary. Paulides has done a great service by bringing forth his Missing 411 books and showing the reluctance of the National Parks Service to come clean on the records of missing persons, and he shows the feds are more interested in covering their derrières than doing what's right. There seems to be a pattern here.   

B i o 

From David Paulides: 

I think the most important job we have as adults is raising our children. Having a close family bond and helping your kids attain their goals is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a parent. I have been very fortunate in this aspect of my life. I have two kids, a son that is playing D-1 hockey and a daughter that is rowing at the D-1 level. I have been a coach for many years and this has brought more happiness then any other part of my life. Presently, I am a scout in the North American Hockey League.

My education was obtained at the University of San Francisco where I received my graduate and under graduate degrees. I had always wanted to work in law enforcement and be a police officer, in 1977 I joined a small municipality in the San Francisco Bay Area, in 1980 I transferred to San Jose police where I finished out my twenty years. I was lucky to have worked many premier assignments including street crimes (street decoy work), SWAT, Vice and a variety of assignments in the detective division.
Prior to leaving SJPD I received a job offer in technology making much more money. While working a variety of tech positions, I was tagged as an executive that could flush out businesses, go deep into their background and conduct due diligence in partnership development and acquisitions. In essence, I was using my investigative skills at an entirely different position in life.

I eventually retired and left technology and was approached with an unusual offer, prove the existence of bigfoot. I was given funding to either prove bigfoot was a hoax or prove it was a living biped. After several years of developing a cohesive team, interviewing hundreds of witnesses (Taking witness statements via affidavits), writing two books and obtaining many DNA samples, we launched the largest bigfoot/sasquatch DNA study that has ever been under taken ( Over one hundred samples were tested and Dr. Ketchum’s DNA study was completed. My position on the study, eight PhD’s put their credentials in the public spotlight and assisted in writing the white paper. Thirteen different laboratories tested the samples. Dr. Ketchum did not do the testing; outside labs did the testing and validated the results. In talking to hundreds of people about this project, I am convinced that 99% of the individuals that have issues with the paper have not read it, or don’t understand it. Since the paper was released, many other PhD’s have jumped to Dr. Ketchum’s side and supported her work. Please do not listen to rumors or blogs, read the paper your self, and come to your own conclusions without the influence of others. Please read the paper before asking questions as this is a very complex arena that would take me many thousands of words to explain. You can purchase the paper here:!special-issue/crrc

Four years ago I was in a national park conducting other research and was staying at a room off the park. On one of those nights I had a knock at the door and two off duty national park rangers stated they had information that they wanted me to hear. They explained that they had worked at several parks during their career and had participated in many search and rescues of lost visitors. They explained that they believed there was an inordinate amount of missing people and the park service was not conducting follow-up investigations, wasn’t tracking missing people and didn’t appear to understand the issues behind the disappearances. This event started the project I am working on today, I have written three books (Missing 411) about the research our group has conducted and have filed dozens of freedom of information act (FOIA) requests against the National park Service and other institutions. The most famous FOIA we filed, asking the NPS for statistics and documentation of missing people inside their system. We first asked for data on Yosemite National Park. We were told that they didn’t keep track of missing people, didn’t have a list of names, dates or any numbers regarding how many are still missing. We read this statement in stunned silence. The NPS followed that with essentially the same statement about their entire system, 183 locations. As a published author, I wrote back to NPS explaining who my publisher was, the books I authored and claimed an authors exemption to fees, asking them to collect the data and forward to us. The response, my books were not in enough libraries to qualify for the exemption, something nobody can find as a requirement in any FOIA documentation. The NPS then stated that if I did want a list of missing people from Yosemite, that would cost $34,000, if we wanted the list from their entire system, that would be $1,400,000. Unbelievable!!

We are still hard at work on missing people, specifically people who have vanished in a rural setting. The research has identified 34 clusters of missing people in North America, including Canada. We established list of criteria that cases must meet if they are to be in the study, it’s too extensive to write about here. We are constantly obtaining new cases. I am always asked, “What is causing this,” we don’t know and have never made any innuendo about what may be occurring. We won’t make any statements about what is happening to the missing until we are certain that specific, consistent elements exist that point to a cause, we aren’t there yet. Regarding contacting victims that are found alive, we were advised early in our development by other missing person groups that this would be an inappropriate practice. Some people may talk, later see their story in print and feel that they were victimized a second time. We are VERY sensitive to the victims and their families and would never want to do anything to cause them further anxiety. If they initiate the conduct, we would gladly speak with them. 

In the summer of 2012 I was asked to be a speaker of the NASAR (National Association for Search and Rescue) conference in South Lake Tahoe, one of the largest search and rescue conferences in the world. Our findings were presented to a packed room. Dozens of professionals approached me after the presentation and stated that what I had presented was known by the majority of the senior SAR personnel but that most don’t wish to discuss it. They stated that it is staggering the number of people that simply vanish in the wilds of North America. This is where my investigative heart and sole is today.  

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Neurosurgeon Explains How You can Detox Chemtrail Poisons

Have you looked up into the chemtrail skies lately? These aerial sprayings are slowly making people sick with their puffy white chemical soup. Neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock recently talked openly about chemtrails and what they are doing to our health, but also how to detox them on this video.

Whether the pilots on huge C130’s know what they are doing, or are practicing the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil tactics encouraged by our US military (commanded by a corrupt government) they are dumping all kinds of chemicals on us at an alarmingly increasing rate.

(There are plenty of amazing service-people who have even been whistle-blowers on chemtrails).

It doesn’t matter if you believe chemtrails are a ‘conspiracy theory,’ though even though the US government coined the term ‘chemtrails’ before any blogger ever did; people will still get sick from their existence


Dr. Blaylock warns we will see an increase in numerous diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, cancer, and upper-respiratory diseases just to name a few. But here is the good news – according to this particular neurosurgeon, you can help your body detox from some of the numerous chemicals in chemtrails (thorium, barium, mercury, aluminum oxide, and strontium).

Here is the list of things you can do to reduce the inflammatory response that is caused by some of these chemicals:

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9 Scienctific Facts Prove the "Theory of Evolution" is False

The Theory of Evolution is not a scientific law or a law of biology. A scientific law must be 100% correct.

Failure to meet only one challenge proves the law is wrong. This article will prove that the Theory of Evolution fails many challenges, not simply one.

The Theory of Evolution will never become a law of science because it is wrought with errors. This is why it is still called a theory, instead of a law. The process of natural selection is not an evolutionary process.

The DNA in plants and animals allows selective breeding to achieve desired results. Dogs are a good example of selective breeding. The DNA in all dogs has many recessive traits.

A desired trait can be produced in dogs by selecting dogs with a particular trait to produce offspring with that trait. This specialized selective breeding can continue for generation after generation until a breed of dog is developed. This is the same as the "survival of the fittest" theory of the evolutionists.


Many different types of dogs can be developed this way, but they can never develop a cat by selectively breeding dogs. Natural selection can never extend outside of the DNA limit. DNA cannot be changed into a new species by natural selection. The same process of selective breeding is done with flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

New variations of the species are possible, but a new species has never been developed by science. In fact, the most modern laboratories are unable to produce a left-hand protein as found in humans and animals. Evolutionist fail to admit that no species has ever been proven to have evolved in any way. Evolution is simply pie-in-the-sky conjecture without scientific proof.

If natural selection were true, Eskimos would have fur to keep warm, but they don't. They are just as hairless as everyone else. If natural selection were true, humans in the tropics would have silver, reflective skin to help them keep cool, but they don't. They have black skin, just the opposite of what the theory of natural selection would predict.

If natural selection were true humans at northern latitudes would have black skin, but they have white skin instead, except the Eskimos who have skin that is halfway between white and black. The people from Russia and the Nordic countries have white skin, blood hair and blue eyes. This is the opposite of what one would predict if natural selection controlled skin color.

Many evolutionists argue that melanin is a natural sunscreen that evolved in a greater amount to protect dark-skinned people who live near the Equator. They simply ignore the fact that dark-skinned Eskimos live north of the Arctic Circle. Melanin in the skin is not a sound argument in favor of evolution. Dark-skinned people have always lived near the Equator, not white-skinned people, even though the dark skin is more uncomfortable in the hot, sunny climate.

Black skin absorbs the heat from the sun's rays more than white skin. Humans show no sign of natural selection based on the environment. The theory of natural selection is wrong because it cannot create something in the DNA that wasn't there in the beginning.

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The NSA is out of control and must be stopped

End the nightmare of mass surveillance now


The National Security Agency is breaking trust in democracy by breaking trust in the internet. Every day, the NSA records the lives of millions of Americans and countless foreigners, collecting staggering amounts of information about who they know, where they've been, and what they've done. Its surveillance programs have been kept secret from the public they allegedly serve and protect. The agency operates the most sophisticated, effective, and secretive surveillance apparatus in history.

Recent disclosures about the intelligence gathering activities of the NSA, and the ensuing federal response, have demonstrated that the agency is a rogue state — unaccountable and out of control. Intelligence community leaders have openly lied to elected officials and the public about the nature and extent of the agency’s data collection efforts. And despite their respective responsibility in carefully overseeing intelligence agencies, President Obama and Congress have shown no credibility as custodians of the NSA. So far, Congress has shown far less tolerance for baseball players allegedly lying about personal steroid use than military leaders lying about surveillance programs that undermine the bill of rights.

"Congress has shown it cares more about baseball players lying about steroids than the NSA lying about spying"

After more than a decade of legal adventurism, secret presidential orders, and deceptive wordplay, policymakers and intelligence officials have erected a surveillance apparatus that can track the location of hundreds of millions of people, collect the phone records of the entire nation, and tap into the very backbone of the internet. Every day, the NSA collects millions of electronic records belonging to people who are not suspected of any wrongdoing. It may even know what you’re up to in World of Warcraft, because the bad guys are apparently slaying dragons while they plot terror attacks.

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How Religion, Money, Politics, and Education Are Used to Enslave Our Bodies and Souls

This article is my most controversial article because it contains “forbidden knowledge” and evidence proving that the Controllers have infiltrated and distorted most systems in the world, including the religious, political, educational, and financial system.

If you do not know who the Controllers are, they are wealthy globalists who control society from behind the scene and pull the strings of politicians. A lot of the Controllers are high level bankers (e.g. the infamous Rothschild clan) who are involved in secret societies.

If you do not believe in secret societies, study organized crime and you should eventually come to the conclusion that they exist. Or you can read this groundbreaking book written by Dr. David E. Martin who was a US Congressional and EU Parliamentary policy adviser in global finance and ethics.


If we want to experience true freedom and world peace, we need to learn and understand how the Controllers think and study their systems of control so we can find ways to counter them. Otherwise, the Controllers will destroy our freedom and turn our planet into a prison. If this happens, our children and future generations will not have a future to look forward to.

The main goal of this article is to empower you by helping you understand the minds of the Controllers and their systems of control so that you can understand why they are so obsessed with the idea of controlling the world. After reading this article, you should understand why we cannot rely on our authorities to save us and why we need to be more responsible citizens.

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6 Ways "They" Are Spying on You

We have heard of it, “They” spy on us, it’s not news. But do you know how they spy on us? Do you know their ways of acquiring information about who we are, what we do and what are we going to do?

Knowing how they do it may help us take a little control back in our hands and secure our privacy. It is a long shot, but if we all work together and pay attention on these things, “They” will lose their power over us.

6. The Internet Says a Lot About Your Character

Have you ever listened to a song on YouTube and the next day similar songs were found in your recommended sidebar, or have you ever searched Google about something and when you went on Facebook an ad, exactly about the thing you searched before was on your Sponsored sidebar?


Of course this happened, it happens to all of us because the large companies use algorithms and codes to create a profile on each one of us. With these profiles they can target individuals more easily and sell them stuff, according to their needs. If “They” know what are our needs they know a lot about our character.

But, that’s not all...

Your internet connections, your friends, your likes, your pages, your messages, places you spend most of your time on the internet, “They” know all of this and when you combine all this information, it creates a very vivid profile of your character, more vivid than your Profile Picture on Facebook.

You’ll probably say “They” don’t have a right to do this. But the thing is you gave them the right to this. You approved to share your personal information each time you “agreed” with the Terms and Conditions and we all have read the Terms and Conditions didn’t we?

5. Telephones Record Your Conversations

You may be the kindest person in the world, but if you say something like “bomb”, “kill” or some other threatening word, an automatic recorder starts recording your conversation. After your conversation is recorded it is sent to a supercomputer that analyzes its “Threat Alert” and calculates the probability of it being a real threat. The phone you use doesn’t even have to have a recording option, the conversation is recorded through the network provider you use.

This is for the best of everyone, right? I mean it makes us safer from hostile plots. But who is to say that there are no other hot-words that turn the recording on which don’t have anything to do with terrorists?

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Far Out: This Exoplanet Has the Largest Orbit Even Seen, and It's a Giant Mystery

The thermal infrared image that led to HD 106806 b's discovery, and shows just how unfathomably far it is from its star.
It seems like every time astronomers find a new exoplanet, we’re forced to rethink everything we know about planets and how they’re made. The latest to challenge our perceptions of planetary formation is HD 106906 b, which orbits its star further than any other planet we’ve found.

HD 106906 b, discovered by a team of astronomers at the University of Arizona, is 11 times as massive as Jupiter, but its size isn’t the interesting part. What’s fascinating—and surprising—for astronomers is that this massive planet orbits 650 astronomical units (AU) from its Sun-like star. That’s an orbit 650 times the distance from the Earth to the Sun, or roughly 60,450,000,000 miles.

This isn’t something astronomers have seen before. The research describing the find is available on Arxiv, and will soon be published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. As Vanessa Bailey, the fifth-year graduate student who led the University of Arizona team, said, “no model of either planet or star formation fully explains what we see.”

The leading theories of planetary formation tend to focus on and explain systems like our own solar system. Planets are thought to form from the primordial disk of gas and dust that surrounds a young, still forming star. From that disk, Earth-like planets close to their stars are thought to gradually coalesce from small asteroid-like bodies over time. But this happens far too slowly to explain giant planets forming so far from their parent stars. It’s possible that these distant giants form from a fast, direct collapse of the primordial disk.

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Scientists: There is a Secondary DNA Code Controlling Genes

The fascinating and recent discovery of a new, second DNA code last week further lends credence to what metaphysical scientists have been saying for millennia -- the body speaks two different languages.

Since the genetic code was deciphered in the 1960s, researchers have assumed that it was used exclusively to write information about proteins.

But biologists have suspected for years that some kind of epigenetic inheritance occurs at the cellular level.

The different kinds of cells in our bodies provide an example. Skin cells and brain cells have different forms and functions, despite having exactly the same DNA.

No Such Thing As Junk DNA 

The human genome is packed with at least four million gene switches that reside in bits of DNA that once were dismissed as “junk” but it turns out that so-called junk DNA plays critical roles in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave.

The discovery, considered a major medical and scientific breakthrough, has enormous implications for human health and consciousness because many complex diseases appear to be caused by tiny changes in hundreds of gene switches.

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Russian Scientist Photographs the Soul Leaving the Body, With a Special Camera

Does the soul exists? According to Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov, a Russian scientist, the soul does exist and he has evidence showing that there is something beyond death. You can read more about his discoveries at
The idea that there is a soul has been part of the human culture for millennia. Most people believe there is a soul, but there are some who believe the soul does not exist. Will there ever be concrete evidence proving that the soul exists?

I believe one day someone will invent a technology that can prove the existence of the soul. Until that happens, we can only look at the effects of the soul. Trying to prove the existence of the soul is similar to proving the existence of gravity. You cannot directly see gravity, but you know it exists due to the fact that you can feel or see its effects.

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Polynesians May Have Invented Binary Math

Powers of two. The people of Mangareva may have invented binary arithmetic independently of the West.

Powers of two. The people of Mangareva may have invented binary arithmetic independently of the West.

How old is the binary number system? Perhaps far older than the invention of computers or even the invention of binary math in the West. The residents of a tiny Polynesian island may have been doing calculations in binary—a number system with only two digits—centuries before it was described by Gottfried Leibniz, the co-inventor of calculus, in 1703.

If you’re reading this article, you are almost certainly a user of the decimal system. That system is also known as base-10 because of its repeating pattern of 10 digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 is followed by 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and so forth. But the decimal system is not the only counting system available. The Babylonians used base-60. The Mayas used base-20. Some Australian aboriginal groups may have used base-5. And of course, today most counting and calculation is done by computers not in decimal but binary, the base-2 system of zeros and ones.

Each system has subtle advantages depending on what sort of counting and calculations are needed. The decimal system is handy considering that people have 10 fingers. But when it comes to division, other systems are better. Because 10 has only two prime factors (2 and 5), dividing by thirds results in an annoyingly infinite approximation (0.3333 … ) whereas the base-12 counting system produces a nice finite solution. (Indeed, some mathematicians have advocated for a worldwide switch to base-12.) Binary, meanwhile, has a leg up on decimal when it comes to calculation, as Leibniz discovered 300 years ago. For example, although numbers in binary become much longer, multiplying them is easier because the only basic facts one must remember are 1 x 1 = 1 and 0 x 0= 1 x 0 = 0 x 1 = 0.

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How The Media Will Report The Apocalypse

In early 2014, a series of devastating catastrophes bring about Armageddon. Papers of record like the New York Times soberly report this news.


 The Guardian tries to provide comprehensive live coverage of the end of days.


Striving for balance, the BBC makes sure it also gives airtime to the views of the radioactive mutant zombies:


The Daily Mail saw all this coming.


For the rest of the story:
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