Saturday, December 7, 2013

Heart-Pounding GoPro Footage of Cliff Jump Gone Wrong Captures Man’s Intense Brush With Death

A base jumper is lucky to be alive after his leap from a cliff went horribly wrong.

But he did manage to survive — and he has the GoPro video footage of his near death experience. The music and slow-mo added to the video only make it that much more insane.

While the slowed down version lasts for around three minutes, the real-time video is just 15 seconds and comes in at the end.

User “Subterminallyill” recently uploaded the video on his Vimeo channel, listing the injuries sustains as: “Compression Fracture of the T12 Vertebra, 5 stitches to the eye, 6 stitches to the chin, severely sprained Back, wrist and hand. multiple bruised areas.”

Watch the heart-pounding footage here:

For the rest of the story:

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