Friday, January 17, 2014

12 Steps to Become Humble

When you think about living a life of humility, what does that mean to you? Are you afraid that by being humble you’ll appear to lack self-esteem or seem spineless?

Humility is often correlated with someone who doesn’t know their worth or is afraid to admit their strengths. Usually, when someone is portrayed in movies or on TV as being humble, they are standing with their head down, eyes on the ground, shuffling their feet and appear to be very uncomfortable with their accomplishments.

The truth is, you can be humble and strong at the same time. You can know your worth without having to shout it out to the world. In fact, living a life of humility has many benefits because you feel less of a need to prove yourself. You spend more time lifting others up, which ultimately lifts you up in return.


“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, its thinking of yourself less.” - Rick Warren

To enjoy all that being humble has to offer, just follow these twelve simple guidelines:

1. Embrace your strengths, but admit your weaknesses

Know who you are and who you are not. Be smart enough to realize that, while you’re good at some things, you’re not perfect. Thinking like this will keep you grounded.

2. Accept compliments

...but don’t let them go to your head. When someone praises you for something you said or did, take their compliment to heart because they meant it. However, don’t let it bolster your ego so much that you can’t get your head out the door.

3. Keep it real

Be honest with others. Don’t try to put up a mysterious front or act like you’re someone else. Just be you.

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