Friday, January 10, 2014

4 Steps to Increase Intuition


Have you experienced having to do something because you feel that you have to do it even if you do not find it practical or logical?

For instance, you are already driving away from your house and suddenly there is a prompting within you to check on the locks or the oven. Lo and behold, when you reach home you discover you failed to lock the main door or unplug the cords.

You may wonder why these things happen...

There are times when you do not heed to this prompting, you would have difficulty focusing or shoving off that feeling. It does not happen often nor does it occur to everybody. The reason for these instances can be attributed to one’s intuition. It refers to that psychological belief and philosophical knowledge that continue to baffle human minds for ages.

To develop and increase intuition, you have to: listen to the voice within you; shut off the noise around you; synchronize your mind and heart; and learn from the experts.

4. Listen To the Voice Within You

There is a voice within each person that suggests what to do and what is right and wrong. This aspect of the human psyche cannot be fully understood; but many people have benefited from following this prompting: some saved their loved ones or their own lives; others have made the best decisions ever in their lives because they listened to this small voice; and others got high scores in rather difficult examinations.

To listen to the voice within you, you need to practice stillness and undisturbed concentration. The more you listen, the clearer the message becomes; and you are led to make the best options whether to dismiss it or to obey it.

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