Saturday, January 11, 2014

In ice condition: Amazingly preserved woolly mammoth found frozen in Siberia after 39,000 YEARS goes on display in Tokyo

• Female woolly mammoth was found frozen in a Siberian ice tomb in May
• The creature will be on display in Tokyo until September
• Scientists think she got stuck in a swamp and died over 39,000 years ago
• Blood sample found at the scene could be used to clone the beast

With its matted hair and bald patches it resembles a much-loved toy somewhat past her prime.

In fact this creature is the best-preserved specimen of a woolly mammoth ever found – whose prehistoric prime was 39,000 years ago.

Even clumps of the animal’s distinguishing hair are remarkably intact after being trapped in glacial ice until she was discovered in Siberia earlier this year.


A 39,000-year-old female woolly mammoth, which was found frozen in Siberia in May, is seen here upon its arrival at an exhibition hall in Yokohama, south of Tokyo. The mammoth will be on display for tourists and visitors from 13 July until 16 September


The mammoth, pictured, was discovered in an ice tomb in the New Siberian Islands, or Novosibirsk Islands earlier this year. Parts of the carcass are especially well preserved because they remained entirely frozen for thousands of years.

She is now to go on public display in Yokohama, Japan.

But while the public can get a remarkable glimpse of our planet’s past, scientists will be continuing tests that could give the extinct species a future.

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