Friday, January 24, 2014

Internet Giants Prohibit Promotion of Cannabis, Yet Support Alcohol

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Facebook, Google, and Twitter have affirmed that they will not allow the promotion of cannabis use or sale, even to users in states where it has been legalized. Their stance on alcohol related matters maintains that promoting booze is approved.

According to Google’s support website, in regards to advertising, “Google doesn’t allow substances that can alter the function of the brain to induce unnatural euphoria, or alter reality, such as marijuana, cocaine, magic mushrooms, herbal ecstasy, etc.”

Facebook Advertising Guidelines state that, ”Ads may not promote or facilitate the sale or consumption of illegal or recreational drugs, tobacco products, or drug or tobacco paraphernalia.”

Adweek reports that Twitter is following the pack and barring cannabis-related promotions from their domain as well.

Demographic targeting features are being ignored by the internet giants in the midst of this controversy. All three are very capable of limiting the advertisements to users of both an eligible age and location as they do with alcohol.

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