Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Effect Music Has On The Brain


Contrary to popular beliefs, music is just more than sweet candy to our ears. It feeds our minds as well. Whether you are into the upbeat tunes of Lady Gaga, or the tongue-twisting jams of Jay-Z, you will be glad to know that music has profound effects on the brain. Here are some of the mind marvels that you can expect just by listening to your favorite music:

Music Boosts your Memory

Do you always forget where you put your keys? Memory loss might be a sign of aging, but you do not have to let it ruin your life. Boost your memory once more by listening to your favorite tunes.

So how does music enhance memory? According to experts, tunes can stimulate the many areas of the brain – including the Hippocampus – the district that governs the area of long-term memory. By treating your ears to familiar music, feelings and emotions related to the tunes are reincarnated by the hippocampus.

Music Improves your Spatial Reasoning Skills

Spatial reasoning is defined as the ability to reason depiction, measurement, navigation and shape accurately. As one of the “Nine Kinds of Intelligence,” it is characterized by the talent to recreate a visual experience.

With the help of music – specifically piano music – you can hike your spatial reasoning IQ points by as much as 9. Mozart’s symphony (among many others) makes this possible by improving focus in the listener.

Music Makes you Less Anxious

Do you have a big job interview on the way? Perhaps you are scheduled to undergo a life-changing surgery? Whatever your concerns might be, they are sure to put some stresses on your mind. Instead of popping that expensive anti-anxiety pill, a cheap and side effect-free way to say goodbye to apprehension is to listen to music.

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