Monday, February 10, 2014

Now Facebook is planning creepy new artificial intelligence technology

artificial intelligence
If you thought that the politicians who get caught "sinning" were a dime a dozen, wait until Facebook transcribes everyone's phone calls; heck, the next super pac advertisement you see may just include most of the Tea Party doing their "thing" on social media, not knowing what was on the horizon. The next super pac ad campaign might just reveal a lot of constituents ruining their run for the big SEAT, that control-tripping position that has so much power right now. People who cheat on their spouses, people with second families and people who post anti-war, pro-abortion and pro-gun info will be exposed, as these posts, images and conversations become "WMDs" for political campaigns and even blackmail. When the mafia has info on you, watch out. The political mafia will use it against you, and maybe even in a "court of law."

Facebook wants to become everyone's new best friend, because it wants to keep its enemies "closer." Tell us, please, how many beers you drank before you drove home last night, and where you're going on vacation and for exactly HOW LONG. That leaves your home vulnerable to intruders who know nobody is there. Be sure and send pictures from the Caribbean while you are there. NSA will be cataloging this info, you can bet, because Google and the Washington, DC, "men's club" are meeting with TED to talk about constituents and enemies of the state. The state of GMO is at stake, after all!

The social networking giant has teamed up with New York University and set up a research "lab" which will use artificial intelligence to study YOU. Yes, the digital robots are piecing together the DNA map of your purchasing habits, your conversation habits, your traveling habits and, most importantly, your health and medical "habits." What hospital did you visit last month? What kind of treatment are you into, was it allopathic? Ooh, you're the perfect candidate for some GMO Big Pharma ads popping up on your homepage and in your inbox. You're the perfect candidate for some strange new "friends" who try to friend you but don't seem to have any of their own friends or even a normal picture of themselves. Wonder who THAT could be?

The massive "trove" of data will enable Facebook to make sense of the random jumble of information that YOU post. America was built on advertising. The new artificial intelligence lab will be the largest facility of its kind in the world. Maybe Edward Snowden's thumb drive is just the tip of the iceberg here. Conspiracy theory is about to take on a "mind of its own."

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