Wednesday, March 19, 2014

All World’s Pyramids and Ancient Cities Linked to Fibonacci Sequences, Accoustic Harmonics and Global Hieroglyphic Language – Military Keeps Mum

The [recently discovered] giant pyramid in the Azores Islands –submerged only 45m below sea level– must have already been identified by both military sonar scans and geo-satellite surveillance several decades ago, yet a local fisherman fortuitously stumbled upon one of the most exciting sites publicized since the major discoveries in Bosnia and Indonesia.

The Portuguese military claims to be undertaking investigations that will be made public, but, conversely, continue to withhold all images and information on the site.

Who’s ever heard of Monks Mound, a pyramidal shape just outside of East St. Louis, IL?


And that Monks Mound contained almost the exact same artifacts as those in the recently discovered Pyramids in Bosnia thousands of miles away?

An almost exact replica of this stone from Bosnia was found near Monks Mound….


Once you start connecting the dots, the inevitable conclusion that a coherent global civilization, with a global language and culture, once existed in prehistoric times.

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