Friday, March 7, 2014

CIA after destabilizing Ukraine: Duff


Ukraine has put its armed forces on full alert and warned Russia that military intervention will lead to wa.(file photo)

The recent “change of government” in Ukraine may well seem like a popular revolution, until you look under the surface. It has happened again, the same “cast of characters” who brought us Syria, who overturned the popular revolution in Egypt.

Whenever there is a bad government, just wait, someone is waiting in the wings to bring one that is even worse, perhaps much worse, much more corrupt. This is what has happened in Ukraine. 


Russia has every right to move troops into Ukraine. This is the simple truth and every world leader knows it.

Bilateral agreements between Russia and Ukraine allowing Russian troops to intervene are automatically triggered if there are attempts to prohibit the use of Russian as an official language.

This is simple, it is law, it is certainly “international law” and easy to check on. There are other agreements, involving the security of the Russian minority and, in particular, perceived security threats against the Crimean autonomous zone.

Why then would a government put in place by a coup or revolution or whatever one would call it immediately choose to do the one thing they knew would put them at risk and provoke a legal incursion by Russia?

In fact, it would be impossible to consider that Russia would do otherwise as the bilateral agreement forces them to move into, not just Crimea but the entirety of Ukraine itself.

There is no choice, what is “allowed” is also mandated. It isn’t just that Russian President Vladimir Putin would look weak; he would be failing to meet a treaty obligation.

So why then the endless lies of omission?

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