Wednesday, March 19, 2014

FBI Examining Malaysia Airlines Pilot's Flight Simulator


The FBI is examining the home made flight simulator that belonged to the captain of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight and a key question will be trying to determine what the captain deleted and whether it's key to the investigation. 

The simulator's hard drive and data were taken from the home of Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah this week as part of investigators' efforts to determine whether the crew of the plane could have been complicit in whatever happened to the flight and the 239 people on board. Authorities are baffled about the plane's disappearance, but have determined that it was a "deliberate act." 

An initial review of the simulator, which the captain had boasted on YouTube of building himself, found nothing suspicious and no indications of plotting the plane's disappearance, but the FBI will scour the hard drive. 

The FBI's role in examining the simulator was confirmed to ABC News by a U.S. official hours after Malaysian officials told a news conference that the veteran pilot had deleted files from the simulator and investigators were trying to determine what had been erased. 

Some of the files were deleted on Feb. 3, Malaysian Police Chief Khalid Abu said at a news conference today. The family of the pilot is cooperating with the investigation, officials said. 

After the simulator was confiscated earlier this week, ABC News aviation expert John Nance said that officials would be looking through the simulator data to see if the captain practiced maneuvers similar to those done by MH370 after it disappeared from radar. 

They will also look for "Any indication that the simulator could practice anything untoward like practicing landing on small islands in the ocean," Nance said.

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