Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Scientist Who Predicted the California Drought 10 Years Ago Now Says It May Get Even Worse

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The picture above may look like something you would expect to see in sub-Saharan Africa or in some post-apocalyptic film. But taken last month, the picture captures a grim reality at a place far closer to home: California.

The state is currently dealing with the worst drought in 165 years, and things are not looking up. If you don't know how bad this drought has gotten, check out NASA's side-by-side comparison of the Folsom Lake reservoir:

Things are looking dire, with the California governor calling for a state of emergency and asking residents to conserve their water. But it looks like California may be in the long-haul when it comes to dealing with its drought.

Back in 2004, University of California, Santa Cruz professor Lisa Sloan used computer models to project an eerily accurate prediction of the ongoing California drought. She and her graduate student Jacob Sewall found that the disappearance of Arctic sea ice would lead to "a significant reduction in rain and snowfall in the American West." Her models found that a column of high-pressure air would build up off the West Coast, forcing the jet stream to travel in a more northerly route:

For the rest of the story: http://www.policymic.com/articles/84823/scientist-who-predicted-the-california-drought-10-years-ago-now-says-it-may-get-even-worse

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