Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stop hating the polar vortex: It’s killing some of the nastiest invasive insects around


Freezing temperatures will give trees a brief reprieve from invasive insects. Reuters/Carlo Allegri
The hemlock woolly adelgid hails from Osaka, Japan. When it moved to the US in the 1950s, it settled right in, facing no natural predators and feeding off the buffet of hemlock forests lining the eastern coast. Similarly, the gypsy moth, a European emigre, now gobbles up the leaves of millions of acres of trees (pdf, p.5) each year. And the emerald ash borer, a beetle of Eurasian extraction, has killed millions of trees in North America in just over a decade, earning it the title of “worst forest problem in our lifetime” from a Colorado State University entomologist.
Together, these creatures now cause around $2.1 billion in economic losses in the US each year. But they really don’t like the cold, it turns out. In fact, the one good thing about the unrelenting cold weather this winter is that it appears to be decimating the populations of destructive invasive insects that cost the US government and homeowners billions each year.
“This winter has been a godsend for the hemlock. Overnight temperatures dipped to minus 15 [Fahrenheit, or -26°C] here in Amherst [Massachusetts], and that’s cold enough to guarantee almost complete adelgid die-off,” Joseph Elkington, a professor atthe  University of Massachusetts, Amherst, told the Worcester Telegram.

Elkington says that in some parts of North Carolina, subzero temperatures have killed 100% of the adelgids. In Massachusetts, around 80% of the population should die, according to a state official. Gypsy moths and emerald ash borers are similarly vulnerable to extreme cold; the US Forest Service estimates that 80% of Minnesota’s emerald ash borers died in January. Other invasive insects, such as the southern pine beetle, which has been ravaging New Jersey, and the Asian stinkbug, may be dying off as well.

For the rest of the story: http://qz.com/183314/stop-hating-the-polar-vortex-its-killing-some-of-the-nastiest-invasive-insects-around/

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