Thursday, March 20, 2014

World's Most Advanced Computers Unravel the Universe's Most Primitive Processes

There is an idea, popular in New Age circles, that humans represent the universe's primary self-awareness.

In other words, our consciousness is actually the Cosmos realizing it exists; is mankind the only creature to ever look up at the sky and know the vast distances to the stars, or the fact that we are physically the product of their demise? This is, I imagine, the sort of thing Carl Sagan had in mind when he said "humans are the stuff of the cosmos examining itself." Far out for sure.

But this self-awareness, if it's indeed real, presents many questions. Big ones. And we're getting answers thanks to those primitively simulated brains we call computers. Big ones. The Universe, it seems, has begun to write its autobiography.

The irony is hard to ignore. The idea that some of the most advanced machines in the modern world will piece together the most basic processes in all of time is rapidly becoming a reality.

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