Thursday, April 10, 2014

7 Predictions of David Icke That Came True

Here are seven predictions from David Icke, that actually came true. The rest, we'll have to wait and see... 

1. Jimmy Savile

Icke has gone beyond the elaborate idea that Savile perverse interests were limited with under age sex and rape but also necrophilia. He has understated that Savile had access to dead bodies while being volunteer as hospital porter.

Icke knows Sir Jimmy had procured underage girls for sex with members of the elite world. Because he also held good relations with the British royal family, he got immunity for years as a sex offender.


2. The 2012 Shootings

Icke has predicted that in the year of 2012, in the US shootings would find its place in several states.

These were: the movie theatre Aurora shooting where 12 were killed and 58 injured, the Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek where 6 were killed and 3 injured, the Minneapolis shooting where 6 were killed and 3 injured, the Newton shooting where 27 were killed and many injured. 

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