Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How a Medieval Philosopher Dreamed Up the 'Multiverse'

Goussin de Metz' "L'image Du Monde," 1245 

The universe as envisioned in Goussin de Metz' "L'image Du Monde," published in 1245. Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Fr.14964, fol. 117. 

The idea that our universe may be just one among many out there has intrigued modern cosmologists for some time. But it looks like this "multiverse" concept might actually have appeared, albeit unintentionally, back in the Middle Ages.

When scientists analyzed a 13th-century Latin text and applied modern mathematics to it, they found hints that the English philosopher who wrote it in 1225 was already toying with concepts similar to the multiverse.

The study, published on the pre-print server Arxiv and accepted by the Proceedings of the Royal Society A, has brought together two traditionally quite separate subjects: cosmology and history. [7 Surprising Things About the Universe

"The results give us a much deeper appreciation of science in the 13th century," said one of the lead authors of the study, physicist Richard Bower of Durham University in the United Kingdom. "From a scientist's perspective, I find I had previously completely underestimated the depth of logical argument in the Middle Ages."

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