Monday, April 28, 2014

Sandy Hook Free Homes? You Decide!

While driving today I decided to turn on the radio and a politically-oriented program was on. They were taking phone calls. Apparently the telephone screener did not do a good job since a call came through with a topic the presenter obviously did not want to touch. The caller stated that many homes surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School were sold for $1 or given away for free at $0, years before and mostly during Christmas 2009 (3 years prior to the 'event') He said anyone could research this using public record sources. All of a sudden, the presenter hung up and apologized to the audience for allowing someone to chime in with 'conspiracy theories.' I became curious and decided to research what the caller had mentioned. All I did was use Google Maps and the Assessors Online Database for Newtown, CT ( You can do this too.

I started by looking for Adam Lanza's home, owned by his mother Nancy ($0 purchase price?):
Here's Adam Lanza's neighbor at 32 Yogananda St:
Sales price $0
And this is the Town of Newtown buying property for free?
What do you think?

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