Thursday, April 10, 2014

You Are a Multidimensional Human Being

The struggle of humanity

The human experience is a journey fraught with uncertainty; so much of life is unfathomable. There is a constant attempt to grasp for security, love and certainty. Just as these things seem tangible they immediately begin to slip through our fingers.

The evolving nature of change has led us to a speeding and complex world, producing new forms of stress and challenge in our daily lives. Looming in our future is an environmental crisis and so we are now beginning to experience the consequences of our choices as they impact on our once pristine planet Earth.

In every moment we are offered the opportunity to step out of the chaos and into harmony and centredness. However the tools, understanding and perceptions that we require to gain control are hidden by the illusions emphasised by humanity’s popular culture. This hides the truth of our reality.

Awakening to the unseen

As I work with Kinesiology, more and more I witness the staggering effectiveness of this modality. The amazing thing about it is that Kinesiology intercepts stress at whatever level and location it is trapped. Over years of clinical observation Kinesiology has revealed to me the hidden determinants behind human consciousness and wellbeing.

I am often led to peculiar places beyond the four dimensions of space and time. I now understand that the other dimensions are crucial for restoring health and wellbeing to my clients. Even though they are unseen and unknown, they are extremely important.

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