Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Being ignored on Facebook is psychological hell

Researchers in Australia believe that those who don't get immediate feedback on social media suffer from a lack of belonging and a general despair. Well, of course.


We are nothing without being liked. 

If you can be honest with me just one time, today is the day.

You don't really go onto Facebook to see how everyone else is, do you? You go there to get something crucial to your well-being. 

You post something not because you want to inform, but because you hope someone will offer love. 

Preferably at least 10 people. It's even better when they don't just click the "like" button, but they also comment with an expression of praise or envy.

But what happens when you get ignored? Are you hurt? Do you fume? Do you begin to feel that your position in life is slipping faster than a luge on ice?

If you do, you are merely the new normal. For research by the University of Queensland's School of Psychology in Australia shows that being ignored on Facebook is perhaps the worse thing that can happen to a human being. Well, almost.

For the rest of the story: http://www.cnet.com/news/didnt-get-a-like-on-facebook-there-goes-your-self-esteem/

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