Friday, May 2, 2014

The Black Hawk Helicopter Is Now a Drone

The Black Hawk Helicopter Is Now a Drone

The military's iconic Black Hawk helicopter will soon be available pilot optional. 

The Black Hawk UH-60, immortalized in Ridley Scott’s war film, has been a mainstay for the army since the late '70s, chiefly used to transport troops and provisions to and from the battlefield. Now the aircraft's manufacturer, Sikorsky, is developing a robocopter version of the UH-60 to do the same tasks more efficiently and without putting humans at risk.

It's controlled from a ground control station but can make crucial flying decisions without any human input, based on its 'Matrix' proprietary artificial intelligence technology. Yup, the control system is called the Matrix.

The Black Hawk 2.0 can fly a fully autonomous cargo mission. And it can operate both ways: unmanned or piloted by a human. It's thusly called the Optionally Piloted Black Hawk.

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