Monday, June 9, 2014

The Importance of Remaining at Peace With the Un-awakened

In this new age there are many new challenges each of us have come to learn on the spiritual path. Many have an urge in them to create change right now, but sometimes it can be rather difficult to remain patient with fellow brothers and sisters.

You may sometimes feel the urge to shake people by the shoulders and ask them what the hell do they think they doing? Have you you ever had that feeling -  that hopelessness that is prevalent and creeps into your mind when you judge the outside world according to your current state of consciousness.

It can be very overpowering when you take it upon yourself to try and change the physical reality of present  time, especially when fellow human beings are your target.

Its definitely not an easy job and from what I’ve experienced,  it is rarther unnecessary(to put the weight of the world on your back), the old adage that you can take a donkey to the water, but if it doesn’t want to drink its not going to drink – holds much significance.

 Also another quote, “I can only take care of myself if you take care of yourself” is also important to understand – the deeper meaning relating to the birth of the new consciousness and that it can only happen within yourself and is not dependant on anybody else…

Its only up to you yourself. You can show people absolutely anything to jolt their perception of thinking, but, when a person is not ripe for awakening yet, results will never be immediate.

The truth is that it only seems useless or pointless at first, those of us that dare to speak of out of the ordinary esoteric subjects are planting seeds in the minds of those still caught in too much illusion, these seeds sprout and grow and eventually flower into the new consciousness. Understand that your efforts are not immediate. Understand that on the physical plane manifestation takes time.

Just like a plant needs time to grow and flower, so does consciousness, and just like a plant needs certain elements to grow to its highest potential, so does the awakening of higher consciousness. You must view your efforts as those key elements that humanity needs to further evolve, it is in essence co-creation of divine higher powers of God, God works through you once you are connected through higher vibrations. 

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