Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The National Betrayal of Alt Med Practitioner Dr. Harvey Bigelsen

The National Betrayal of Dr. Harvey

Just as the FDA and Codex are stripping away your ability to use nutritional supplements with therapeutic levels, so are your alternative practitioners being attacked in a vicious attempt to force them out, leaving you at the hands of an outdated medical model and Big Pharma.

We often hear the tremendous respect and gratitude for men and women in our armed forces. The ones who survived and the ones who were not as fortunate. They are considered by many to be the front-line defenders of our freedoms and our liberties. Often, though, they come home to find out that both their freedoms and their liberties are in jeopardy on home turf; their enemy is domestic, not foreign. They also find out that the respect and gratitude fade fast once back in the U.S.

Harvey Bigelsen, M.D. witnessed the Vietnam War from a viewpoint many of us would not wish on our worst enemy. His work as a trauma surgeon specializing as an Ophthalmologist allowed many to see family trees continue to flower. Dr. Bigelsen was on the front lines where triage was concerned, literally holding lives in his hands and in his quick, expertly trained, decision-making process. This impeccable medical judgment was service at the very highest level, no matter your perspective on war. He saved the lives of people who were sentenced to death and on death's door when they came to him. Legally.

Fast forward in the doctor's life past years of experience at the highest levels of healing and the highest levels of understanding the human body deepening his education and embracing other disciplines as time passed. Fast forward past four enlightening books he authored. You will inexplicably and inevitably arrive at the recent charges and confiscation that plague Dr. Bigelsen in his hometown of Nevada City, California. It is one of the most notorious cases of Nation turned traitor – the ultimate payback for years of dedicated service – namely betrayal at the hands of the medical mafia. His presumed weapon? Darkfield microscopes used to examine blood samples. His crime? A lot of menial accusations over nutritional supplement and homeopathic labeling that were not initiated by Dr. Bigelsen. Yet, he is facing jail for others' product labels ... a war hero turned criminal healer.

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