Friday, July 4, 2014

This Morning: 'Teleporting isn't just possible, it's already happening'

Professor Brian Cox says it's true that we will be able to teleport ourselves to work, or even across the Universe.

ITV This Morning: Professor Brian Cox 

A comment made at the end of today's ITV This Morning programme by the gorgeous and brilliantly clever Professor Brian Cox was an astonishing bit of news that I would have thought was newspaper headline stuff.

He told Phil and Holly that yes, we can already teleport things. That means, he said, that you destroy something in the place where it is now, and then make it appear somewhere else. Not a copy, but the actual same thing. It could be a person, or an animal or a car or a flower. At the moment though, it is just tiny molecules, but they are managing to teleport stuff that is bigger and bigger all the time, and there is no reason why in the future we can all teleport ourselves around as a means of transport. The professor said we could even one day teleport ourselves across the Universe - like Star Trek! 

When Brian Cox talks about science, he makes it fascinating, and easy to understand. If he was your physics teacher at school you know you'd get an A*. 

We were reminded that his TV career started on ITV This Morning years ago, and we saw VT clips of him doing science experiments - some quite dangerous ones - and some funny - with Phil and Fern. 

The professor was on the show to talk about his award winning science/comedy radio show with Robin Ince, called 'The Infinite Monkey Cage.' The 10th series of the popular show starts on BBC Radio 4, Monday July 7th at 4.30pm. He also discussed an exciting new series he's fronting soon on BBC 2 called The Human Universe.

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