Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How 'Civilization: Beyond Earth' Plans to Explore Post Humanism

If humans are to survive many millennia down the line, we need to get off the only rock we've ever known. But, once we get to a new world, what will our new civilization look like? And how will humans adapt to survive on a place we weren't designed to live?

That's the question that Civilization: Beyond Earth is going to try to answer. It is, of course, a science fiction game, but it's also one that its designers, Firaxis Games, have spent a lot of time researching and pondering.

In their minds, we can go one of three ways: Humans can live in "harmony" with the planet, genetically splicing our DNA with theoretical alien DNA, hacking ourselves to live on a completely foreign place; we can consider ourselves as superior to whatever is on the planet, using robotics and other advanced technology to survive and dominate the planet; or we can consider the human race as "pure," trying to terraform whatever planet we land on and make it as similar to Earth as we possibly can, so that humans, in their current form, can live on it much like we do today.

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