Monday, September 8, 2014

Switzerland will host Edward Snowden, if he testifies against the NSA

Swiss attorney general offers whistleblower safe passage  

Edward Snowden can have safe passage in Switzerland 

THE SWISS attorney general has said that whistleblower Edward Snowden can reside there if he responds to state requests for testimony against the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Snowden was the source of leaked documents and information relating to the US Prism programme and the UK Tempora takeaway. The Swiss attorney general said that the US would not be able to force extradition if the local government regards such a request as politically motivated.

A document provided to the Swiss Sunday newspaper Sonntagszeitung is titled, "What are the rules would apply to consider when Edward Snowden would [be] brought to Switzerland and then the United States would make a request for extradition", and it relates that the rules would allow the movement and repel the requests.

Speaking to the newspaper, Snowden's Swiss lawyer Marcel Bosonnet revealed that he is pleased with the results of the study, commenting that, "The legal requirements for safety are met."

Presently Snowden has a residency permit in Russia, and that was recently extended by three years. Snowden has been in Moscow for a year and a month now, after he arrived there from Hong Kong expecting to move to Cuba.

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