Friday, October 24, 2014

Flying cars are coming, but they aren’t quite the ones we’ve dreamed about.

The flying car is no longer science fiction, but it's not likely to put minivans out of business.
Let's be honest: it's 2014, and the automotive industry has utterly disappointed a generation of science-fiction lovers and futurists. Where are our flying cars?

Stepping into the void is Terrafugia, which bills itself as a "the flying car company." It has announced an upcoming model called the "Transition," which sports foldable wings that let the vehicle go from car to plane in about 20 seconds with the flip of a switch. Talk about a convertible.

To be frank, the upcoming Terrafugia Transition is not quite the flying Jetsons-esque car of your dreams.  The Terrafugia Transition is, more accurately, a plane you can drive rather than a car you can fly. That means, sadly, you're not going to be able to hover away from a bad traffic jam.

But while it's unlikely that you'll see the plane/car combo replace the minivan, the company is trying to set an early standard for how regulators can deal with vehicles that operate both on the ground and in the air.

"It's a first practical step," said Terrafugia chief executive officer Carl Dietrich. "It's what we can do today with today's existing infrastructure."

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