Tuesday, November 11, 2014

These 3 Things Are Changing The Future Of Humanity


Taking a pulse check of the conscious awakening of humanity on all levels, it is sometimes difficult to describe the feelings and experiences we are all encountering. As covered in the recent documentary Collective Evolution III: The Shift, many signs and yardsticks seem to concur with the filmmakers’ findings that we are riding the wave of something big. One thing is for sure, communities, societies, and the world are in the midst of throwing off any attempts at oppressive control and suppression of information with no signs of stopping.

There are many ways one can measure our conscious shift to date in this fast moving current from control to awake and empowered. Topping the list we see the words ‘open sourced’ being magnified. Beginning as a term amongst the tech culture, the open source revolution has now shifted into high gear and is laying waste to once hidden agendas, disinformation, and suppression. Like nature reclaiming back alley streets and abandoned Detroit factories, it is a higher universal cycle that is serving to bring the false concrete reality to its very foundations. A quick look reveals the open source influence inspiring nearly every key area needed for humanity to release centralized, suffocating control. The students of humanity are ready and the open sourced teacher has appeared.

Open Source Journalism

One of the first self proclaimed ‘open sourced’ investigative journalists, James Corbett’s talent also branches into documentary film making, pod-casting, and promoting the new generation. No longer is news and history taken at face value because a media outlet says so or because they are a self proclaimed authority. Continuing to redefine the space is the essential work of Luke Rudkowski and We Are Change. Our generation’s upgraded version of Hunter S. Thompson’s Gonzo Journalism, Luke’s trademark is to courageously insert himself into the story and ask the hard questions, often in real-time/live-streaming.

The results have been a legendary and sobering look at the often comical efforts ‘The Powers That Be (were)’ take to hide their true nature and agendas. The work of Luke, James, and many others, are contributing to the decentralization of knowledge and news, undoubtedly leading to the fall of mainstream media currently in its twilight. In fact, the website analytics, viewership, and waning influence are all proof that the mainstream media is now laughably irrelevant.

For the rest of the story: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/11/10/these-3-things-are-changing-the-future-of-humanity/

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