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Ananda Bosman | Implications of Ultraterrestrial & E.T.I. Contact in the Age of Neurogenesis, Cosmic Dialogue & Disclosure

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From the words of Ananda Bosman: "At the age of 15, after a bicycle accident triggered a massive brain change in me, in most probability to the pineal gland, I started to commence communication with an intelligence that claimed to be beyond this universe. The summation of all people in the universe, and the first to venture into the universe." Implications of Ultraterrestrial & E.T.I. Contact in the Age of Neurogenesis, Cosmic Dialogue & Disclosure. This is his story. 

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Ananda Bosman is a visionary public speaker, teacher, cosmologist & musician, as well as a prolific writer of thousands of pages, in numerous books and over a hundred articles.

Appearing in numerous television, movie and radio broadcasts, as well as assisting in several main stream movies.

Since 1986 he has given many hundreds of lectures, seminars and workshops worldwide, using state-of-the-art multimedia presentations that rivet the audience.

Presenting visionary, scientific, shamanic, spiritual, mythological, & cosmological connections in an exciting, new, and utterly unique way.

After a near-death-experience at the age of 15 that completely changed his life, he became a "contactee" for Numinous "Ultraterrestrial" Intelligences (the Emmanuels), and

Extra - Temporal Intelligences (ETI)

...having over 120+ witnesses to the UFO-phenomenon with him in various levels of proximity including landings and direct encounters.

This is now Ananda's 30th year of engagement in Spirit of public presentation and teaching.

In his public service, over that time, he has imparted an extraordinary wide range of information over diverse fields like:

Fractal Cosmology






Geomancy & "Neuromancy,"



& a unique Philosophy, congruent with the most archaic existentialism.

He is an expert on:

Sacred Geometry,

New bio-superconductive Neurophysics (neuro-semantics),

Hyper-Dimensional Physics (hadronic mechanics)

and an artist in:

computer animations of Hyper-Dimensional Geometry

(post Platonic true INTER-dimensional geometry, congruent with the new hadronic iso- geno- and hyper- geometrical planes, in a multivalued hyper-dimensional universe).

Artistic semantic articulation comes as a natural from Ananda's contacts with the Other, using his abilities as a Sensitive, as well as coming from a multigenerational artistic family (his grandfather was the famous Dutch sculptor and actor Kees Schrikker, and his mother was "renowned in Europe" for her paintings).

Raised in England, in 1985 Ananda became the young person founder with Sir George Travelyan (Cambridge, Knighted for poetry), and Nigel Blair MA (Oxen), of the SUN: Schools and Universities Network in England, with branches in Oxford and Cambridge.

With his open lucid mind, he combines multi-dimensional views with up-to-date scientific research, constantly innovating and bringing the fields of knowledge forwards for mankind, in a vivid extraordinary manner!

As a musical composer, singer and the founder of the

"432Hz AUMega Music Revolution"

Ananda has published many songs of Dance, Ambient, Psytrance, and Meditation music, which are all based on the universal harmonics of 432Hz, coherent heart tempos, & 8Hz on all levels of his music.

As well as his uniquely developed UFOM

(Unified Field Overall Mastering), with its golden sacred ratios, including those of the DNA, to achieve optimum mastering.

Ananda has guided numerous expeditions to Egypt, Central and South America as well as to far Eastern temples, pyramids, archeological and sacred sites.

Advancing some unique cosmologies and research on certain aspects of the ancient cultures that built them.

Having pioneered several new advances, theories and models in Ethnopharmacology, in his 2002/2004 book

"The Soma Conspiracy," Ananda has also made some significant steps in identifying the historical identity of the proto-Vedic Soma Mysteries, Sumerian and Egyptian Hierobotanical Mysteries of Initiation Schools.

Along with endogenous neurotransmitters that engage similar potential epiphanies of higher state of consciousness, tested with hundreds of pilots since 1992, in Ananda's development of Dark Room Retreats, for pineal gland metabolite activation.

Film Maker, Jan Kounen's documentary "Other Worlds" on Shamanism, was initially based largely on 3 days of interviews with Ananda at his Norwegian estate, in March 2000, regarding his theories and the science behind the South American Shipibo shaman's Jan was documenting.

Jan Kounen then hunted down some of the medical and science researchers whose work Ananda was recounting to document his ideas, and by the time "Other Worlds" was released for the cinema, Ananda Bosman appeared in the movie, but largely in the bonus materials.

He innovates workshops on:

"Vortexijah: Diamond Body Lotus Training"

(8Hz-whole-body phase-conjugation).

He pioneered Darkroom Retreats for pineal gland activation through sensory depravation, beginning in 1992, with hundreds of pilots. Research featured in an article in the national Italian Science & Consciousness magazine (read here).

In 2013, he started a new series called

"The Dialogue with the Cosmos", where he shows others how to contact & to summon UFOs, as he has been doing for 30 years, with many witnesses including physicist, lieutenants, psychiatrists, medical doctors, and aeronautical engineers, achieving successful results.

He has made appearances in over 22 countries worldwide,

appearing in different Films, Radio and TV programs, as well as contributing to several motion pictures, like Jan Kounen's "BLUEBERRY/Renegade: Taste of the Forbidden," and "99 Franks", or film maker, Jean Michel Roux's, "Journey Into The Invisible World".

Since 1987, Ananda has been the editor of numerous publications, including various magazines and newsletters, booklets, and producer of sacred geometry videos.

His immense and tire-less engagement assimilated a grand diversity of information domains, over the years.

Some of which have been written in over 10 books, since 1992; and over 100 articles and papers in various publications, with his first articles published in the British SUN: Schools and Universities Network journal in 1986.

His prolific innovation in his extensive extended seminars have been video catalogued since the mid 1990s, covering hundreds of novel subject materials, including his 17 years of being an annual guest at the Swiss ecumenical "Centre for Unity", Schweibenalp, in 5 day and 10 day intensives.

He has been a keynote speaker at numerous international congresses, including those on Shamanism in Peru, and symposiums of the Native people, as well as a host of Spiritual, Scientific, Musical, UFOlogical, Philosophical, artistic, and medical congresses, around the world.

His January 1991 Copenhagen Press Conference

"JFK & The Alien Presence," with over 70 journalists attending this explosive presentation, drew favorable media attention, considering the dynamite of the topic, with newspaper, television news appearances, and numerous radio series resulting.

Which became the foundation of Ananda's 1992 book

"The 'Alien' Presence: The Evidence for Government Contact with Alien Life Forms."

With a long track record of having been ahead of the times, and predicting a whole series of unfoldments and trend-lines in post-modern history, before they occurred, his insights have been sought after by numerous other authors and public figures, some of whom have written books and risen to public popularity, as a result.

He continues to pioneer visionary thinking using his abilities as a sensitive, logician, contactee, artist and researcher, to advance diverse fields at the leading edge.

At the heart of the matter is the cosmic contact phenomenon. That our species is being engaged by a cosmic Other.

As this subject waxes and wanes in popularity, the pure creative canvas of the heArt, lucidly weaves the texstylus of fields around this theme, in preparation for the eventual and inevitable Synergy with Cosmic Intelligence, looming for mankind, which also involves the gradual

Neuro-Revolution of post modern humans.

Music with the harmonic structures of the universe (like the golden mean), DNA, and coherent brain states and heart cardio-rhythms, and equal tempering music (in the 12 tone music cone) " Ananda envisions globally linked concerts using these harmonics as a medium through which interface with the cosmic Intelligence can be forwarded, and as a catalyst to biotranshuman renaissance.

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Anthony Jones | Evil Law: The Loss of Privacy & The New American Registry

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According to Anthony Jones, America has opened a Pandora Box by the creation of the sex offender registry/aka/S.O.R- I EXPOSE the true creep function secret agenda of the S.O.R as a template for eventually placing all Americans on some type of Gov't Registry for sociably-politically incorrect behavior as determined by the powers that be as to what constitutes an acceptable American lifestyle" at the current rate of Americans being inducted into GOV'T REGISTRIES by the 2035 1/3rd of Americans will be on some type of Govt Registries -by 2050 non-Americans on Govt Registries will be a minority!


#1 S.O.R>>> Arsonist registry>>>Drug dealer registry>>> Kidnappers registry>>> NY. Terrorist registry>>> Tenn. Animal Cruelty registry>>> UTAH Financial Fraud registry-Ohio DUI registry-in NY A gun owners registry was up-taken down-a Muslim registry was up-taken down.

The expansion of GOV'T Registries has begun-theses NEW-more coming GOV'T Registries will all use the same template of the S.O.R, they start out with a dangerous person- then they add addendums to include other offenses that can qualify a person to be cast into the GOV'T Registry, case in point S.O.R starts out with dangerous predatory child molesters-then morphs into three tiers that now include public urination/mooning/streaking/skinny dipping/horseplay- grab ass/sexting/teen sex-with a 4'th tier in the works

Arsonist register: taking a battery out of a smoke detector/Kidnappers registry: child custody disputes/Drug dealers: possession of pot- pharmaceutical drugs.-eventually The UTAH Financial Fraud Registry will morph into writers of bad checks- bad credit using the S.O.R template-NY. Terrorist Registry this is wide open to abuse! 

B i o 

Anthony Jones historical timeline forensic investigator -a member of the Nostradamus society-the George Orwell society has made the documentary film Evil Law that has been banned-censored by the Mainstream -Alternative news media-some online movie download portals including Amazon-IMBD-a host of others that documents that America has a Federal Law mandated to the States that parallels a law that was devised-implemented by Adolf Hitler when he was elected to Chancellor to take down Democratic-Constitutional Germany!.

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John Herlosky | A Sorcerer's Apprentice: A Skeptic's Journey into the CIA's Project Stargate


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Police officer/instructor and human performance technologies expert, John Herlosky, discussed his journey from complete skeptic in the power of consciousness related phenomena to an operational remote viewer, and the turmoil he felt as his long-held beliefs clashed with the powerful implications of his new experiences. "I never looked upon anything regarding psychics, or psychic ability or ESP, as anything other than a flight of fantasy," he explained, adding how even as a skeptic he remained open-minded. Herlosky said he became interested in the Project Stargate remote viewing program after reading Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse. He defined remote viewing as a scientifically validated form of ESP which allows a viewer to extend his consciousness in space and time to observe persons, places, and events outside of normal modes of perception and undiminished by shielding or distance. Herlosky traced a brief history of how the CIA became involved in psychic spying. "They found after experimentation that there was something to this, that it could actually be used as an intelligence asset," he explained. According to Herlosky, although no one knows why or how it works, remote viewing is a real human ability innate to everyone. Herlosky spoke about his training, first hits, and how he has recently been using remote viewing to work on MIA/POW issues with author and former intelligence officer Amy Waters Yarsinske. The United States government claims it no longer has a psychic spying program but a number of original members of Project Stargate still use remote viewing under operational conditions, he revealed, pointing to early remote viewer Joe McMoneagle as an example. Herlosky also spoke about how remote viewers have the ability to influence the output of electronic devices to present false information to the enemy.   

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John Herlosky has worked for two large metropolitan police departments as a police officer and academy instructor, has been trained in SWAT tactics, and is a designated marksman. He is considered an expert in the field of human performance technologies and has spent half his life in the martial arts. He was the codirector and cofounder of the nonprofit think tank, the Institute for Evolutionary Technologies, as well as the codirector of Project Trojan Warrior II, a mind-body integration training program.

Professor says he found Nefertiti’s secret tomb in what could be ‘the biggest archaeological discovery ever made’

The bust of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, on display in Berlin's Neuen Museum in 2009. 
BERTHOLD STADLER / AFP / Getty ImagesThe bust of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, on display in Berlin's Neuen Museum in 2009. 

Nefertiti — she’s an ancient Egyptian queen and the source of a fantastic mystery regarding the iconic remnants of long-lost royalty.

For decades, archaeologists have speculated on the location of the queen’s remains, the last royal mummy missing from the dynasty of the famous King Tutankhamun, better known as King Tut. But now, an archaeologist claims that he has found her secret tomb in the Valley of the Kings, hidden just beyond a wall near the resting place of the boy-pharaoh.

The dramatic theory, published in a paper by Nicholas Reeves of the University of Arizona, is based on an analysis of detailed scans of Tutankhamun’s tomb. The scans reveal the texture of walls beneath their layers of paint, and Reeves believes he found a number of cracks indicating two previously concealed doors.

One of these doors would possibly lead to a storeroom, Reeves said. But the larger door on the north side of the burial chamber, he suggests, could lead to another room holding the remains of Nefertiti, believed by some to be the mother of Tutankhamun.

“I have been testing the evidence ever since, looking for indications that what I thought I was seeing was, in fact, not there,” Reeves told the BBC. “But the more I looked, the more information I found that I seemed to be looking at something pretty real.”

Archaeologists have expressed cautious excitement over Reeves’ conclusion, although they have yet to embrace it fully, as expected. The theory would take many more tests to confirm, although a radar scan could quickly reveal any hollows, an archaeologist told the Economist.
“If I’m wrong, I’m wrong,” Reeves said to the Economist. “But if I’m right this is potentially the biggest archaeological discovery ever made.”
If I’m right this is potentially the biggest archaeological discovery ever madeThe tomb of Tutankhamun has been a puzzle for archaeologists ever since archaeologist Howard Carter famously discovered it in 1922. It is comprised of four rooms, but it’s much smaller than those of other pharaohs. Scientists have also found that it was constructed and decorated in stages.

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Carmen Boulter, Ph.D. | Hawara Complex: Egypt's Underground Labyrinth

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Dr. Carmen Boulter revealed an astounding new discovery in Egypt found using a state-of-the-art, satellite-based deep penetrating radar scan. The scan reveals 82 enormous chambers on two distinct levels at great depth near a largely unknown pyramid south of Cairo (view related images). The history of the deep underground site stretches from Herodotus in 450 BC to an excavation in 1881 by William Flinders Petrie. There are four distinct layers-- with the first layer Roman, the second layer Ptolemaic (Antony & Cleopatra era), while the two lower, older layers, remain mysterious and go down 60 feet, and 130 feet. The find is 107 acres-- the equivalent of 81 football fields, with five of the rooms bigger than Olympic-sized swimming pools. "I don't think it was at the surface and all that sand accumulated over the top over time. I think it was meant to be underground from the get go," she surmised. If you look at the scan, the chambers and the two deeper levels are not connected, which suggests they may be from different time periods, she noted. Boulter theorized it's possible that ancient ET visitors used the underground chambers to initially orient or acculturate to our planet. She also spoke about the advanced technology of the ancient Egyptians and how they were a seafaring people, with evidence of visiting and trading with the Americas. 

 B i o 

Dr. Carmen Boulter is a retired professor at the University of Calgary in Canada. She taught in the Graduate Division of Educational Research in the Faculty of Education. Dr. Boulter is the creator of The Pyramid Code series and author of Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness. She has done extensive research in the archives of the Egyptian Museum, gaining official access to the original field notes of excavations done around the pyramids in the early 1900s. An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness, traces fragments of information about matriarchal cultures in pre-dynastic Egypt, prehistoric Greece, and around the world.

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Smithsonian Admits to Destruction of Thousands of Giant Human Skeletons in Early 1900′s


A US Supreme Court ruling has forced the Smithsonian institution to release classified papers dating from the early 1900′s that proves the organization was involved in a major historical cover up of evidence showing giants human remains in the tens of thousands had been uncovered all across America and were ordered to be destroyed by high level administrators to protect the mainstream chronology of human evolution at the time.

The allegations stemming from the American Institution of Alternative Archeology (AIAA) that the Smithsonian Institution had destroyed thousands of giant human remains during the early 1900′s was not taken lightly by the Smithsonian who responded by suing the organization for defamation and trying to damage the reputation of the 168-year old institution.

During the court case, new elements were brought to light as several Smithsonian whistle blowers admitted to the existence of documents that allegedly proved the destruction of tens of thousands of human skeletons reaching between 6 feet and 12 feet in height, a reality mainstream archeology can not admit to for different reasons, claims AIAA spokesman, James Churward. 

A turning point of the court case was when a 1.3 meter long human femur bone was shown as evidence in court of the existence of such giant human bones. The evidence came as a blow to the Smithsonian’s lawyers as the bone had been stolen from the Smithsonian by one of their high level curators in the mid 1930′s who had kept the bone all his life and which had admitted on his deathbed in writing of the undercover operations of the Smithsonian. 

It is a terrible thing that is being done to the American people» he wrote in the letter. «We are hiding the truth about the forefathers of humanity, our ancestors, the giants who roamed the earth as recalled in the Bible and ancient texts of the world

The US Supreme Court has since forced the Smithsonian Institution to publicly release classified information about anything related to the “destruction of evidence pertaining to the mound builder culture” and to elements “relative to human skeletons of greater height than usual”, a ruling the AIAA is extremely enthused about.

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