Thursday, August 20, 2015

Anthony Jones | Evil Law: The Loss of Privacy & The New American Registry

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S y n o p s i s 

According to Anthony Jones, America has opened a Pandora Box by the creation of the sex offender registry/aka/S.O.R- I EXPOSE the true creep function secret agenda of the S.O.R as a template for eventually placing all Americans on some type of Gov't Registry for sociably-politically incorrect behavior as determined by the powers that be as to what constitutes an acceptable American lifestyle" at the current rate of Americans being inducted into GOV'T REGISTRIES by the 2035 1/3rd of Americans will be on some type of Govt Registries -by 2050 non-Americans on Govt Registries will be a minority!


#1 S.O.R>>> Arsonist registry>>>Drug dealer registry>>> Kidnappers registry>>> NY. Terrorist registry>>> Tenn. Animal Cruelty registry>>> UTAH Financial Fraud registry-Ohio DUI registry-in NY A gun owners registry was up-taken down-a Muslim registry was up-taken down.

The expansion of GOV'T Registries has begun-theses NEW-more coming GOV'T Registries will all use the same template of the S.O.R, they start out with a dangerous person- then they add addendums to include other offenses that can qualify a person to be cast into the GOV'T Registry, case in point S.O.R starts out with dangerous predatory child molesters-then morphs into three tiers that now include public urination/mooning/streaking/skinny dipping/horseplay- grab ass/sexting/teen sex-with a 4'th tier in the works

Arsonist register: taking a battery out of a smoke detector/Kidnappers registry: child custody disputes/Drug dealers: possession of pot- pharmaceutical drugs.-eventually The UTAH Financial Fraud Registry will morph into writers of bad checks- bad credit using the S.O.R template-NY. Terrorist Registry this is wide open to abuse! 

B i o 

Anthony Jones historical timeline forensic investigator -a member of the Nostradamus society-the George Orwell society has made the documentary film Evil Law that has been banned-censored by the Mainstream -Alternative news media-some online movie download portals including Amazon-IMBD-a host of others that documents that America has a Federal Law mandated to the States that parallels a law that was devised-implemented by Adolf Hitler when he was elected to Chancellor to take down Democratic-Constitutional Germany!.

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