Friday, February 12, 2016

The Biggest Conspiracy Of All

The Biggest Conspiracy Of AllWhen people look at the world today, it can sometimes just be downright depressing. There's just no other word for it. And isn't it interesting how rapidly the world has changed and become this way over the last few years? It really has happened quite quickly. One minute we were free and most were looking forward to a bright future, then, somehow we found ourselves in the world of today where our governments are completely out of control, our police have been militarized, Europe is falling apart, and everyone has for the most part, been duped by mainstream propaganda into spending most of their time looking over their shoulder wondering if the guy next to them on the bus is a 'terrorist'. Of course in among these questioning masses are those awakened and newly awakening individuals who know perfectly well who the real terrorists are, namely government, and who can see through the facade of the currently predominant fear campaign. Yet even most awakened people still remain perplexed and frustrated in their efforts to finding any remedy to this situation.

Upon awakening and discovering the world is not what they first thought it to be, a great many people typically begin looking into the workings of the system and are led into a rabbit hole of endless conspiracy theories, some of which are true, most of which are purposefully manufactured noise, and ultimately, they end up in a state of confusion, frustration or worse, with most then becoming lost in their ongoing quest for someone to blame. As if pointing the finger at someone and shouting "You!" is actually going to change anything. But this generally seems to be the way with human nature, we look for someone else to blame for getting us into this mess, and then we demand someone else fix it.

We do this because generally, people have been very effectively programmed into accepting two very false and in fact, two diametrically opposed realities, as being true. On one hand we view ourselves as all important, the king of one's own castle as it were, and demand we be served by others in a timely manner and to our satisfaction; we deem ourselves somewhat above the common workers we may employ for whatever particular task - while on the other hand we see ourselves as being insignificant little people who cannot really make a difference in the world and must look to others more wise, or place our faith in leaders to miraculously lead us to a better world. In fact it is this very attitude, this bizarre combining of two completely false realities into one that has led mankind to our current predicament.

Life is an incredible thing. It is a melting pot of expression and wondrous diversity whereby human potential is only limited by people’s belief, or lack of belief, in their own abilities and by the limits they place upon themselves. I mean sure, there may be financial barriers we all face regarding the completion of some project or other, but on a deeper level, as a species, as a society, as the expressions of creation each of us ultimately are, we place limits on our potential due to our beliefs of what our potential is and by our belief and understandings of what is and is not possible.  In this manner, we imposed our own limitations upon our potential.

Much of the time such limitations are the result of programming, the adapting of someone else's belief that has been superimposed over our own. And we call this education. It is the education, or lack of it, that we have received that has ultimately led us to this point because modern education is in fact little more than indoctrination and training. It has been this training that has led us to believe we are both, all important, and ultimately insignificant and inconsequential, at the very same time.

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