Thursday, March 17, 2016

3 Mindboggling discoveries that prove history is WRONG

People around the globe have speculated for decades that history, as we have been taught in school, is incomplete. Interestingly, with each new discovery, we seem to understand that there are certain things that mainstream scholars have tried very hard in keeping away from history books. It seems as if there is an occult pattern that delegates what’s considered as history and what is not.


There are numerous discoveries around the world which point towards the fact that history is wrong, that history is, in fact, contradictory and full of surprises that don’t always go hand-to-hand with the accounts of mainstream archaeologists and historians.

Simply put, there are discoveries that have been made which directly contradict the beliefs set forth by mainstream scholars.

Ancient Maps that suggest prehistoric cultures navigated the globe.

Among the most interesting discoveries, which directly contradict the beliefs of historians around the globe are a series of ancient maps that suggest ancient civilizations discovered continents that according to mainstream scholar was discovered ‘recently’.

The best examples of such maps are the Oronce Finé World Map. An early cordiform projection which features the Antarctic continent displayed along its southern edge some 300 years before it is believed to have been discovered. An inscription spans the width of the continent, “Southern land newly discovered, but not yet fully explored.” Here, we also include the Piri Resi map, composed around 1520. In addition to displaying Antarctica without ice, it accurately depicts the geography of the American Continent with such a precision that it looks as if it was put together with the aid of aerial photography. The cartographical charts created by Iehudi Ibn ben Zar display islands in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. These islands exist still today, the only underwater, suggesting that whatever maps were used to create the cartographical chart of 1487, were from a time when our planet’s geology was much different, a time that perhaps could be traced back to the antediluvian period.

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