Thursday, March 3, 2016

Russell "Texas" Bentley | The Truth about Ukraine from the Front Line

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S y n o p s i s

This is a non-traditional Veritas discussion with Russell "Texas" Bentley, an American from Texas who is fighting side by side with the Russian-backed rebel Ukrainian forces in Donesk against the U.S. backed fascists Ukrainian military forces. This is the truth from the front line of the conflict - not the mainstream media version. A friendly debate on capitalism versus communism ensued throughout the conversation.

B i o

I was an illegal immigrant worker in Mexico in the late 1970's (my first job). Then a lumberjack in Houston and Austin, joined the US Army in 1981, served 3 years in Germany, returned and opened a restaurant on South Padre Island with my brother and parents from 84 to 1990. Moved to Minneapolis in 1990, became a marijuana smuggler and marijuana legalization activist. Arrested and sentenced o 5 years in prison Feb 13th, 1996. Served 3 years, escaped Aug 31st, 1999. Moved to Washington, became a lumberjack again - WA, OR, AK. Recaptured almost 8 years later. After finishing my sentence, moved back to Austin, worked as a Certified Arborist and salesman for tree services there, Decided to come to Donbass, Ukraine in July 2014, got here December first, 2014. Fought at Donetsk Airport and Spartak for six months, then transferred to Information unit of End of Times. Now do info and humanitarian aid.

He made the following video after being released from prison which summarizes his life:

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