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Byron Lacy | Chosen: Chronicles of an Alien Abductee

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Henry David Thoreau wrote, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." Apply that statement to the alien abduction phenomena, and we have the story of Byron Lacy, who wrote a with his story. The book is titled Chosen: Chronicles of an Alien Abductees, which states mainly that "Most abductees lead lives of quiet denial and go to the grave with their life story still unsung." After spending more than fifty years in his own quiet denial, Lacy has two sequential alien related realization events, both too far beyond random chance to be anything but a direct message from a non-human intelligence, designed to rouse him to investigate the alien presence in his life. It has and still is a journey of self-discovery, and re-discovery of the alien influences that have had life altering consequences for him since early childhood.   

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Byron W. Lacy was born in Burnet, Texas on March 21, 1950. He is a fourth generation Texan and a fourth generation abductee. Byron's Great Grandfather, George W. Lacy, came to Texas in the early 1850's. George and two of his business partners donated the granite to build the current Texas state capitol. He also started a dog breed which is now called the Blue Lacy and is the state dog of Texas.

Byron received a B.S in English and an MA in art, in 1977. Then he received a M.F.A. in Graphic art in 1978. He has exhibited in galleries and Museums throughout the United States. Byron has worked as a Summer Camp Director, Cook, Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, English and Art teacher, Freelance Artist, Eligibility Specialist for Texas Department of Human Services, and Investigator for Texas Child Protective Services. He has used these skills in researching his own abductions. He also tries to help abductees, especially newbies, gain perspective of and cope with this phenomenon in their lives. He has lectured at the Houston UFO Network about incidents where his life has been saved by aliens.

Byron's first contact with aliens was in 1955, age 5, but his parents did not allow him to talk about the events, and so he did not understand the significance of these events. Strange occurrences over the years led him to believe they were caused by guardian angels. In 2009 everything changed. A Stargate, like in the movie of the same name, but without a metal frame and only 6 foot across, opened up in front of him two different times a week apart at the same busy intersection. A friend said he thought Byron was an abductee. After some hesitation he researched Alien Abductions. What he found changed his life, and his view of reality, forever.

This revelation caused him to reevaluate many strange incidents throughout his life which had no logical explanation other than guardian angels and led to one conscious contact with three grays and a mantis a few months later. This contact permanently changed Byron's personality.

Byron now lives in Nacogdoches, Texas where he spends his time writing, creating sculptures and paintings, studying psychology, metaphysics, and researching his and others, alien abductions, and trying to help himself and others to gain perspective of and cope with this phenomena in their lives.

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