Monday, October 17, 2016

Luke Bedwell | The Structure for Societal Sanity: An Expose of a Psychic Dictatorship

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S y n o p s i s 

In a world of infinite ideas there appears to be much chaos thriving within this world. We live within a world that is dominated by war but are we truly at war with ourselves as a species? If we are at war with ourselves as a species but live within a world of infinite ideas, whose ideas are we supporting? Have these ideas outlived their usefulness? If they have, are we not worth the effort as a species to desire an existence grander than this one based upon war? Should we not have a world of peace and harmony, opposed to one of chaos, alienation and prejudice? If we do desire a world that abhors prejudice and war, what are we going to do to ensure we will create this world for ourselves and our progenitors? If we desire this harmonic utopia, we first require a thorough comparison of the ideas we are utilizing, and ideas we can still utilize to propel us to this world. Tonight's special guest wishes to offer guidance so we can  find that promised land.

The following is a letter Luke wrote to us after recording the interview:

"I wish to apologize for the awkward nature in which our interview began, and any inconvenience it caused at the time. When you asked me how I came to begin writing my book, I recognize in reflection that my immediate answer was defensive, likely because I had not really come to terms with why I wrote the book from a personal perspective, as opposed to why I wrote it from a societal point of view. If yourself and the audience did wish me to come back to the show, I would like to set that straight to explain that it was pain that caused me to write these books in the hope that If I could solve this societal pain we are experiencing, then that process could heal my personal pain, which I am still coming to terms with.

Before I began writing I lost my social circle, I was forced to leave my family home at 18, everything that made me somebody was suddenly removed so I had to become somebody else to survive the trauma sustained.

My family and personal life and the pain associated with these elements of life, have driven me to write because I did not want anyone else to have to live in a way that I did and still do, which has been based on great personal suffering, but that suffering can be worth the cost if I can aid others to prevent their suffering in the form of these books I have slaved over and the information contained.

I wrote these books because I did not have anything else that would provide me with a sense of personal value, but this work has provided me with that feeling of value, and your interview opportunity has given me more personal value than I have ever felt before, and am so appreciative to you for giving me a feeling like my life is my own and I have something to offer this world we all share.

I hope this can provide you with some more insight than I provided you at the time of the interview, and as always wish you the very best in your life and thank you for touching my mine.

With respect and admiration,


B i o 

Luke James Bedwell is a full time scholar and researcher of Natural Law, Occult Science, Comparative Religious Studies and is a being living a human experience. His life's purpose is to expel this planetary body of as much prejudicial belief systems as possible on behalf of the source of life, (commonly referred to as "GOD") so the species and planetary body can be free to thrive in a harmonic state.

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