Monday, March 6, 2017

John Urwin | The Sixteen: The Secrets Were in Jaraba

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John Urwin is a 78-year old retired ex- UK special forces operative (about which he has written a book namely 'The Sixteen: The Secrets Were in Jaraba'). He wrote the book because he was trying to hopefully make contact with others who had also been a part of this ultra covert and highly skilled unit - the reasons for its being so highly covert was that both British Intelligence and the Government of the day, namely the 1950s, had been infiltrated to the highest level by what is known by some today as 'The New World Order'.   

John and the rescued puppies.
B i o 

Have you ever wondered why the top of most pyramids are almost always missing their capstone? According to John, the capstone was a room made of gold. Gold can trap a soul. A pharaoh would be taken to this gold room with a pregnant woman. The pharaoh then would be hit in the head and killed. Since the pharaoh didn't die naturally, his memories would be carried by the soul into the newborn baby. Did you ever wonder why pharaohs were so young? Apparently, it's because they knew from the moment they were born. That is why we see children playing piano like Mozart at the age of 3. Perhaps someone was died abruptly and the memories carried on to a new child. Very interesting concepts. Listen to the interview for more.

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