Monday, April 17, 2017

Mary Rodwell | The New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage

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Families, children and adults share their stories of encounters with non-human intelligence and their understanding of a intimate connection genetically. Are non human intelligence assisting humanity to evolve into a new aware species? Exponential increase in indigos, ADHD, Dyslexia, Aspergers and Autism, are they New programs for humanity?    

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Mary Rodwell is the Founder and Principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN). ACERN offers professional counseling support, hypnotherapy and information to individuals and their families who have 'anomalous' paranormal experiences, particularly abduction/contact experiences. Mary is recognized as one of Australia's leading researchers in the UFO and contact phenomenon. She is also Vice-President of Star Kids Project Ltd. Advisory Committee. In addition, Mary is the author of "Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life" and the producer of the EBE award winning documentaries "Expressions of ET Contact: A Visual Blueprint?" and "Expressions of ET Contact: A Communication and Healing Blueprint?" 

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