Monday, May 22, 2017

Melanie Young, RN | The Starchild: DNA Testing and the Story Behind the Story

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Melanie Young, RN, worked in the neonatal unit of a busy hospital for over 14 years before she was given a strange gift that changed her life: she opened the box and there were two skulls inside. One was a normal human, but the other was so strange that she had never seen anything like it before. She took one look at it and thought, "How did you survive?" Melanie wanted to know if there was some way for that miracle element to be isolated and engineered into a treatment to help other babies survive.  

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Starchild Skull expert Melanie Young reported on the latest news and imminent DNA testing of the mysterious and famous 900-year old skull. Young recounted the story of how the skull was found in the 1930s by a teenage girl who was visiting a small village in northern Mexico. The skull was attached to a skeleton on which "every bone was deformed," and its hand was resting on the hand of a full-sized and normal skeleton of a woman. Testing has revealed that both skulls were from individuals who had Native American DNA, but from different tribes. Young says that the deformed skull is the same size as that of a five-year-old child, but much more dense and hard to cut than normal human bone. Samples from the skull are currently being analyzed at a lab that specializes in extracting DNA from archaeological sites. Within six more weeks, Young expects them to find if there is any viable material left to work with.

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