Monday, August 14, 2017

Jim Willis | Ancient Gods: Lost Histories, Hidden Truths, and the Conspiracy of Silence

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Where do we come from? What are the origins of modern civilization? Do the world's pyramids, the Nazca Lines, Easter Island statues, and other enigmatic structures, archaeological wonders, and geographic anomalies contain evidence of ancient gods? Sifting through the historical and archaeological evidence, Ancient Gods: Lost Histories, Hidden Truths, and the Conspiracy of Silence probes the myths, stories, history, and facts of ancient civilizations, lost technologies, past catastrophes, archetypal astronauts, and bygone religions to tease out the truth of our distant past and modern existence. It takes and in-depth look at the facts, fictions, and controversies of our ancestors, origins, who we are as a people--and who might have come before us. It tackles more than 60 nagging stories of ancient gods, ancestors, alien visitors, theories and explanations, including:

- Why did our ancestors crawl deep underground and paint on cave walls?

- How did the megalithic temple site called Gobekli Tepe come to be built--11,600 years before the agricultural revolution?

- How were massive stones, weighing tons, dragged miles to build Stonehenge?

- Who--and why--were pyramids built on the equatorial band circling the earth?

- What secrets does modern DNA analysis reveal mankind's heritage? - Are we to believe the Ancient Alien Theory?

- And more!  

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Having earned his master's degree in theology from Andover Newton Theological School, Jim Willis has been an ordained minister for over forty years. He has also taught college courses in comparative religion and cross-cultural studies. In addition, Willis has been a professional musician, high school orchestra and band teacher, arts council director, and even a drive-time radio show host. His background in theology and education led to his writings on religion, the apocalypse, cross-cultural spirituality, and the mysteries of the unknown. His books include Visible Ink Press' The Religion Book and Armageddon Now: The End of the World A to Z. He also published Faith, Trust & Belief: A Trilogy of the Spirit. Willis resides in the woods of South Carolina with his wife, Barbara, and their dog, Rocky.


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