Monday, August 21, 2017

Royce Christyn [for Commander Z] | Confessions of a High-Ranking NATO Officer

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Tonight, we discuss the testimony of a former high-ranking NATO military official - using the pseudonym 'Commander Z' -- he blows the whistle on an inevitable and planned global nuclear conflict designed to bring about a One World Government in the year 2018. With access to classified documents, Commander Z has revealed the 5 locations that will be safe in the coming nuclear war. He says: "My book offers an urgent warning to families -- moms, dads, sons and daughters -- to prepare for the inevitable. Without my book and the critical information it contains, you will have little chance of survival." -

Commander Z is a former high-ranking NATO officer with decades of experience working in top secret programs. He is also a trained remote viewer. He has come forward to tell his story, and share with the world the contents of over 100 pages of top-secret classified documents he was shown. These documents contained incredible and astonishing secrets about our world, our universe and plans for an upcoming nuclear war and takeover.   

B i o 

Royce Christyn is a ground breaking film producer, actor, writer and director. Christyn found success on such hit teen comedies as Nickelodeon's "Drake & Josh" and "Zoey 101," which starred now country star Jamie Lynn Spears (the younger and equally talented sister of Britney Spears). Christyn is perhaps best well known in the acting world from his portrayal of "Manny", Selena Gomez's "magic made" boyfriend on the Emmy Award winning Disney Channel Original Series "Wizards of Waverly Place". Christyn (pronounced ("Christian") started to produce and direct. One of his proudest accomplishments is his documentary film, "Out In The Open," which Christyn wrote and directed. The film was wildly successful and sits as one of the top LGBT documentary films of all time. Since 2014, Christyn has been a contributor to news outlets such as In Touch Weekly, Life & Style, Closer, Contrast, and Paste Magazine. His interest in the paranormal, UFOs, and ("The other side" is where his heart is - he suffered an NDE at the age of 16 which has led him on a path of discovery of the world that sits outside of what is considered 'normal'.


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