Monday, October 30, 2017

Kelley Jankowski | An Army in Heaven: A Nurse's Account on Death and the Afterlife

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What do people see as death approaches? What will Heaven be like? What will Hell be like? An Army In Heaven records the deathbed visions of hospice patients, as well as those in a critical care setting who have died and then returned to describe their experience on the other side. Read about their accounts of Heaven and Hell, their visions of loved ones who have long traversed to the other side. Compassionate and compelling, this book retells their experiences. Their accounts are moving, edifying and sometimes disturbing, as cases of terrible abuse, neglect and even the demonic are also witnessed. Written by the nurse assigned to their care, An Army In Heaven is a compilation of their stories, what they saw on the other side and what they see as the veil thins during the dying process. It will change how you view life and most importantly, how you view death. 

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Born in Omaha and raised in a small town in eastern Iowa, Kelley is one of seven children. Her father was an ER physician, and her mother a homemaker. She worked in cardiac critical care from 1984 through 2010. She began hospice nursing in 2009 and currently works in an inpatient hospice. The mother of six children, she resides in Maryland with her husband, Ronald.

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