Monday, April 23, 2018

Matt Landman | Frankensky: Dissecting the New Homomutatus [Man-Made] Sky

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S y n o p s i s 

We've all heard the story of Frankenstein. Frankenstein is a scientist who creates and brings to life a manlike monster which eventually turns on him and destroys him. If you listen to this program, I'm sure you know our sky is no longer normal, although most people accept it that way. Did you know there is a new scientific term for the new sky and the 12 new types of clouds added to the Cloud Atlas? It's called Homomutatus sky. Man-made sky. Or shall we call it, Frankensky. During our discussion we discuss the chronology, the possible participants and their technology, the purpose, the outcome, 5G, and how we can take care of our health in order to mitigate the results. 

B i o 

Matt Landman grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC where he studied business and received a Bachelors degree in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech in 2003. Matt relocated to California where he worked in Finance and studied film at California State University of Humboldt and earned a Masters degree in Business Administration with a focus in Strategic Sustainability in 2010. After various careers in business and finance, Matt left the corporate world to be an organic farmer where he unknowingly had actually began his career as an activist. Working outdoors and dependent upon the elements, Matt witnessed weather engineering in Northern California as the region suffered from a historic and catastrophic drought. The realization that the weather was being manipulated via atmospheric aerosol dispersal changed Matt's life forever as he inevitably decided to devote his existence to exposing the hidden agenda in 2015. Since this commitment, Matt hosted the first Annual Global Chemtrail Summit in Vancouver Canada in May of 2016 and then again in May of 2017. In June of 2017 Matt released the groundbreaking documentary, Frankenskies and has since been promoting the exposure of the film and working on the film's sequel. Matt will be hosting the third Annual Global Chemtrail Summit in Tucson, Arizona May 2018, which is a fitting location considering the public launch of solar geoengineering / chemtrails as a solution to global warming. Matt continues to inspire others to bring awareness to geoengineering where many feel much scrutiny and transparency is needed. 

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